ASIANA AIRLINES - AIRBUS A330-300 (HL8258) flight 231

Asiana Airlines – Airbus A330-300 (HL8258) flight OZ231

On Tuesday, August 21, 2012, an Airbus A330-300, registered HL8258, operated by Asiana Airlines Inc. as flight OZ231, took off from Honolulu International Airport the United States of America, for Incheon International Airport, the Republic of Korea, as a...
Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 - Boeing - B737-300 (PK-GGO)

Garuda Indonesia – Boeing – B737-300 (PK-GGO) flight GA292

On 22 July 2011, a Boeing 737-300 aircraft registered PK-GGO was being operated by Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 , from Soekarno - Hatta International Airport (WIII) Jakarta to Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport (WARA) Malang. The flight crew member was three pilots which...
Olympic Airways - Falcon - 900B (SX-ECH) flight OAL3838

Olympic Airways – Falcon – 900B (SX-ECH) flight OAL3838

Olympic Airways flight OAL3838 , performed with a Falcon 900B (SX-ECH) from Athens to Bucharest was as a government flight. During climb after flap and slats were retracted, the flight crew noticed, on the warning panel, the "PITCH FEEL" light came on. The "PITCH...

Atlas Air – Boeing – B747-212B (N-808MC) flight 5Y8995

On 23 January 2005 the cargo aircraft Boeing 747-212B took off from Dubai Airport at 2234 UTC for a flight to Düsseldorf. The Pilot in Command (PIC), the co-pilot and a flight engineer were aboard. After more than six hours of flight time the aircraft was the first...
Japan Airlines MD90-30 (J-002D) flight JAL3538

Japan Airlines MD90-30 (J-002D) flight JAL3538

Japan Airlines flight JAL3538 took off on Sunday August 15, 2010, at 16:08 Japan Standard Time (JST: UTC+9hr, unless otherwise stated all times are indicated in JST on a 24-hour clock). Japan Airlines JAL3538 was a McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30, registered JA002D,...
Cargojet Airways flight CJT620

Cargojet Airways – Boeing B727-225 (C-GCJZ) flight CJT620

On 24 March 2010, at 0120 Atlantic Daylight Time, a Boeing 727-225 , Cargojet Airways flight CJT620 , departed Hamilton/John Munro International Airport, Ontario, on a scheduled cargo flight to the Greater Moncton International Airport, New Brunswick, with 3 crew...

Gol – Excel Air Services – Boeing vs Embraer – B737 – E145 Legacy (PR-GTD – N600XL) flight GLO1907

Gol - Excel Air Services flight GLO1907 collided over Brasil on 29 September 2006. The regular air transport airplane was a Boeing 737-8EH, manufactured in the United States and registered in Brazil as PR-GTD, operated by the Brazilian airline company “Gol Transportes...
China Airlines flight CAL605 - Boeing B747-409B (B-165)

China Airlines – Boeing B747-409B (B-165) flight CAL605

China Airlines flight CAL604 was a flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong international airport operated with a Boeing B747-409B (B-165) operated on 04th November 1993. On the day of the China Airlines flight CAL605 accident, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) was...

What is Aviation Accidents Database ?
Aviation safety is the key point to download official reports and investigations of incidents and accidents.

Many times it’s not easy to find the official reports online: either because the State Agency investigating the occurrence have no website, or the report is not published or it’s an old report not made in digital format.

We continuously search for reports, classify them, write the excerpt and make them available to all pilots worldwide: for the sake of aviation safety.

As simple as that.

Aviation accidents

An aviation accident is an incident in which an aircraft is damaged or destroyed as a result of a collision, fire, structural failure, or other event. Aviation accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including mechanical failure, pilot error, adverse weather conditions, and sabotage. Aviation accidents can result in fatalities, injuries, and damage to property. 

Aviation incidents

An aviation incident is an occurrence, other than an accident, that affects or could affect the safety of aircraft operations. Examples of aviation incidents include near collisions, runway incursions, and unruly passenger incidents.

Aviation serious incidents

A serious incident in aviation refers to an event that could have resulted in an accident or that had the potential to cause serious injury or death. Some examples of serious incidents in aviation include engine failure, in-flight fires, and loss of control of the aircraft.

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